Jackson’s ‘84 Victory Tour Crystal Glove Sells for $190K

A Swarovski-crystal-studded glove belonging to the late pop star Michael Jackson has sold at a Las Vegas auction for $190,000.

Bidders from around the world bought up Michael Jackson memorabilia worth nearly $1 million at an auction on the anniversary of his death, including $190,000 for the Swarovski-crystal-studded glove he wore on his 1984 Victory Tour.

The bidding that began on Friday. People flew in from Asia, Russia, all over the world. It just shows you Michael Jackson is the most sought after and most collectible celebrity of all time.

More than 200 items was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Some items, brought 10 times more than their estimated value.

The Swarovski-crystal-studded glove, which was made of white spandex and covered with hand-sewn clear crystals, had been expected to sell for between $20,000 and $30,000. “But I’ll start the bidding at $1 just so you all can say that you bid on Michael Jackson’s glove,” auctioneer Kathleen Guzman said as bidders raised their paddles in a frenzy.

Then the real bidding began. It started at $31,000 and rose to more than $100,000 within seconds.Julien’s Auctions employees raised their own studded-gloved hands furiously as competing bids came in from anonymous bidders over the phone and online.
In the end, a $160,000 bid from Wanda Kelley of Los Angeles won out. A standard industry fee that goes to the auction house.

The winning bidder also bought a number of Jackson’s albums at the auction. She said she was prepared to go higher if necessary. “Let’s just say I wasn’t walking out of here without that glove,” Kelley said coyly shortly after claiming her prize.

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